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I deeply appreciate your teaching! It is really a big help!!" - Sun-ah

"Thank you very much for your wonderful teaching and helpful instructions to me."
- Wei

“I have really appreciated your help with my English. Thank you.” -

“I'm happy because you teach me English. I love your class. You are a great teacher.” - Fuyuko

In your classes which were grammar and listening, I improved lots. Thank you for teaching me. Keep your energy going. ” Tzu-Yun.wa

“You are a wonderful teacher.” -Yoko

“I appreciate your help, kindness and teaching.” - John

“Thank you for teaching me. I learned a lot about writing.” - Elliot

“Hello my teacher. Only I want to say Thanks... forever.” - Fernando

“Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I am sure you are the best teacher.” - Sun-il

“It's very helpful for me to improve English.” - Yuki

“Thank you so much for your well-organized ESL programs. I do benefit a lot from your lectures.” - Jerry

“You helped me so much to improve my skills in the English grammar and pronunciation.” -Doyis

“Thank you for everything. I can't speak English very well, but I learned many things from you.” - Yuko

“You are one of the most wonderful teachers that I've ever met.” From Tomoko

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